Defib Tracker

Would you know where to find your nearest AED (defibrillator)?

defibtrackerDefibtracker started by working closely with the West Midlands Ambulance Service to provide a service that allows the tracking of all community defibrillators in ONE common database. We hope that this can build into a national database built to NHS IT standards that will meet the needs for the Ambulance Service, and also other organisations involved in this area.

Also we hope the service will be able to assist RC(UK) and other charities in improving the general public’s knowledge on AEDs so that they become as well known as the correct piece of equipment to save a person from cardiac arrest as a fire extinguisher is to putting out a fire.

What does a Defibrillator course teach?

The course you are about to undertake covers emergency basic life support resuscitation procedures for both adult and paediatric casualties. Written by professionals, this course is the UK’s most comprehensive online basic life support course for non-healthcare trained learners. We also include our excellent course on use of Automated External Defibrillators.

Who should subscribe to this course?

This is an ideal course for all adult family members, Sports and Exercise Professionals, Carers, School Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Traffic Wardens, Police Community Support Officers, GP practice administrative staff an others with a duty to respond who do not need a first aid qualification.The course covers the key aspects of resuscitation including airway management, chest compressions, agonal breathing and the recovery position.

Price £29.99 More than one person to train? Multiple licences available

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