Dan G

“First Aid training during the beginning years of my career within the Fire & Rescue Service consisted of a half day first aid at work course. This qualification, staff believed, was below the required standard for our profession.

When the service began looking at upgrading its medical capabilities front line staff were sceptical about what this might entail and where it may lead.

I personally have been extremely impressed with the training that has been delivered and the equipment we now carry. The medical skills we now possess reach far beyond that of helping our colleagues, they have given us the confidence and competence to deal with a wide range of medical situations both minor and major in nature; skills that have now been put to the test. This confidence and competence is testament to the professionalism of Abacus training and the instructors that teach the various subject areas. I no longer consider myself First Aid trained, as the skills we now possess far surpass this basic level of medical care.

The instruction received by Abacus is progressive, relevant, and easily digestible, of a high standard and always backed up by a solid professional background and a deep understanding of not only the subject area but also how to instruct and impart the knowledge and understanding required in obtaining and maintaining competence.

As the service moves forward and the role of a Firefighter inevitably changes with the possibility of the service, amongst other things, becoming more heavily involved in medical response I can only imagine the level of training and regularity of refreshing those skills will increase.

Abacus are extremely well placed, a trusted brand at ground level and have proved they can move forward and adapt with us as a training partner supplying us with the skills needed to respond effectively to any medically incident.”

Dan GWarwickshire Fire and Rescue
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